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Total Corruption V0.21 [BETTER]

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Total Corruption v0.21

For storage, we estimated the size of the temporary storage required for the calculation to be around 554 TB. The maximum persistent disk capacity that you can attach to a single virtual machine is 257 TB, which is often enough for traditional single node applications, but not in this case. We designed a cluster of one computational node and 32 storage nodes, for a total of 64 iSCSI block storage targets.

Oracle Database corruption prevention, detection, and repair capabilities are built on internal knowledge of the data and transactions it protects, and on the intelligent integration of its comprehensive high availability solutions.

When data corruption is detected, Oracle Data Guard, block media recovery, and data file media recovery can recover the data. Database-wide logical corruptions caused by human or application errors can be undone with Oracle Flashback Technologies.

Use Oracle Data Guard with physical standby databases to prevent widespread block corruption. Oracle Data Guard is the best solution for protecting Oracle data against data loss and corruption, and lost writes.

Use Oracle ASM HIGH REDUNDANCY for optimal corruption repair. Using Oracle ASM redundancy for disk groups provides mirrored extents that can be used by the database if an I/O error or corruption is encountered. For continued protection, Oracle ASM redundancy provides the ability to move an extent to a different area on a disk if an I/O error occurs. The Oracle ASM redundancy mechanism is useful if you have bad sectors returning media errors.

Use RMAN for additional block checks during backup and restore operations. Implement a backup and recovery strategy with Recovery Manager (RMAN) and periodically use the RMAN BACKUP VALIDATE CHECK LOGICAL scan to detect corruptions.

Use Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance for backup and recovery validation including corruption checks and repairs, central backup validation, reduced production database impact, and Enterprise Cloud backup and recovery solution.

Lower performing disks at the far sync instance will delay acknowledgment to the primary database, increasing the total round-trip time between primary and standby databases and impacting application response time. This impact can be eliminated by using Fast Sync between the primary database and the far sync instance. 041b061a72

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