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160511 2020 T M Revolution ALL TIME BEST 320K.epub

160511 2020 T M Revolution ALL TIME BEST 320K.epub

If you are a fan of T.M.Revolution, the stage name of Japanese singer and songwriter Takanori Nishikawa, you might be interested in downloading his latest compilation album, 160511 2020 T M Revolution ALL TIME BEST 320K.epub. This album contains 40 tracks that span his entire career, from his debut single "Dokusai -monopolize-" in 1996 to his latest single "SWORD SUMMIT" in 2020. The album also includes some rare and unreleased songs, such as "HEAT CAPACITY -Reactor-" and "WHITE BREATH -more freeze-". The album is available in the EPUB format, which is a popular e-book format that can be read on various devices and platforms.

However, before you rush to download the album, you should be aware that it is not an official release from T.M.Revolution or his record label. The album is actually a fan-made project that was uploaded on SoundCloud by two users, Mike Fournier and Samantha Doebke. They claim that they have converted the original MP3 files of the songs into the EPUB format using a software called Calibre. They also claim that they have added some metadata and cover art to the EPUB file to make it look more professional. However, they do not provide any proof or source for their claims, and they do not have any permission or authorization from T.M.Revolution or his record label to distribute his songs in this way.


Therefore, downloading the album might not be a good idea for several reasons. First of all, it might be illegal and unethical to download and share copyrighted music without paying for it or obtaining consent from the artist or the record label. You might be violating the intellectual property rights of T.M.Revolution and his record label, and you might face legal consequences if you are caught. Secondly, it might be unsafe and risky to download files from unknown sources on the internet. You might expose your device and your personal information to malware, viruses, or hackers that could harm your device or steal your data. Thirdly, it might be disappointing and unsatisfying to listen to the songs in the EPUB format. The EPUB format is designed for text-based e-books, not for audio files. The sound quality might be poor, the file size might be large, and the playback might be incompatible with some devices or platforms.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the music of T.M.Revolution, you should look for other ways to access his songs legally and safely. You could buy his CDs or digital albums from authorized retailers or online platforms. You could stream his songs on official music services or platforms. You could watch his videos on official YouTube channels or websites. You could also follow him on social media or visit his official website to get updates on his news and activities. By doing so, you would not only support him as an artist, but also experience his music in the best possible way.

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