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ETS 2 Profile 1.38

Hello people, how are I, I have a problem since the opening of 1.38 more than anything in SP, I can not enter with my highest account (which is 61 of lvl), with a low profile lvl allows me to enter the ets2 as well , I do not know if someone else happened to him, I wanted to know how I can solve the issue so as not to lose all the content, thanks in advance

ETS 2 Profile 1.38

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no it does not give any error, it is loading and when it is about to connect it crashes, in a lower lvl profile it lets me play perfectly, take out some mods but it remains the same with lvls under it rather, it does not generate any error code, it is just loading and when you are about to connect the game comes out, thanks 041b061a72

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