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DeBarge - All This Love !FULL!

After their first album saw limited success, this album featured productions and compositions by the DeBarge members, primarily led by singer El DeBarge, whose countertenor vocals (a mixture of tenor and falsetto) would lead the group to success throughout the mid-1980s. Due to the release of the hit singles "I Like It" reaching number two on the R&B charts and the title track "All This Love" reaching number 5 on the R&B charts and number one on the Adult Contemporary charts, the album eventually reached gold status.

DeBarge - All This Love

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The second album from the Grand Rapids, Michigan natives DeBarge featured three singles, the first of which ("Stop! Don't Tease Me") showcases El on lead; the song peaked at Number 46 after a short eight weeks. The follow-up was "I Like It," a very danceable yet laid-back number in which Randy carries the initial verse, and El brings up the rear. With impeccable penmanship and arrangement, it clocked in at Number Two on the R&B charts, and became the group's first pop Top 40 entry. The follow-up single was the title track, "All This Love." Solely led by El's convincing tenor, this composition, in its traditional arrangement, sails along like the winds of a cool summer night. The longevity of this number can be heard in every note, including a melodious acoustic guitar solo. The remaining songs fall closely behind the aforementioned numbers.

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MARTIN: But for El DeBarge, fame came with trouble, drugs and then the law. For more than two decades, DeBarge battled addictions to crack and heroin, and in October of 2008, he was sent to prison for drug possession. He was released in October 2009, and soon after began a journey back to music. He received a huge welcome when he performed on the BET Awards this summer, and this fall, he toured with Mary J. Blige, promoting his new album, aptly titled "Second Chance." It's his first album in 16 years.

MARTIN: I hope you don't mind my mentioning that you come from a musical family, obviously, the group. And your brother, Chico, has also had similar problems. And it's just interesting to see, you know, so much talent in the same family, but also a lot of pain and trouble in the same family. And have you done some thinking about why you feel that this has been visited upon you and your family?

But Chico is one of my closest brothers and we're very, very, very close. And he would write me while I was in prison and he - and he'd say hey, man, you know, you can do this. You can get through this. He'd say you know what you're made of. And I write him back and say, I'm going to get through this. But God saw fit to have grace upon me, and he heard my mama's prayers and he heard my prayers and he heard the prayers of my fans, because I have learned when I was in prison, all this fan mail I was getting, it was incredible. And I saw all the people that had been waiting for me to get it together, and they did nothing but just show me love.

MARTIN: Well, to that point, let's play a little bit of that. You were featured on a recent cover of Ebony magazine, and this past June, you performed at the BET Awards. I'll just play a little bit of that.

Mr. DEBARGE: (Singing) ...and no one could seem to solve them. But you found the answer, so I gave it half a chance and learned the ways of love, my baby and all that it has to offer. And all that I have, I give my all to you, baby, all, all my loving. And all this love is waiting for you, my baby, my sugar. And all, all my love...

And I walked out in the audience and they grabbed me, and they hugged me. What was incredible about that to me was a lot of celebrities, they don't, you know, they get stuck on their own egos and they really don't embrace you like that because, you know, their egos are too big. But I didn't feel that at all. I got nothing but love and joy from these people.

Mr. DEBARGE: It's because of God's purpose. You know, I know that I'm here because of the grace of God. But I also know that I've been given this second chance for a specific reason, and that is to bring love to the world again through the voice of my music, and I'm so honored to be able to do it. I'm so blessed that God has chosen me to do that. Clearly, I know there's so many people out there looking for a second chance, and I just want to give the world permission to love again and to be loved and to feel it.

Mr. DEBARGE: (Singing) You say that you need a man in your life that you can love and trust, and I'm thinking I know just who you need. That would be me. I know that I can make you happy. Open your eyes and look at me, baby.

MARTIN: I've got to tell you, I don't always think of DeBarge and 50 Cent quite in the same sense. It's a hot - it's hot. It's a hot track, but I'm curious how this came about, or what made you think of it.

I had some problemsAnd no one could seem to solve themBut you found the answerYou told me to take this chanceAnd learn the way of love, my babyAnd all that it had to offerIn time, you will see that love won't let you down

I had some problemsAnd no one could seem to solve themBut you, you, you, you found the answerSo I give half a chanceAnd learn the way of love, my babyAnd all that it has to offer 041b061a72

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