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Hard To Love [v0.03] [APK] _VERIFIED_

Hard to love is the first digital game experience of the Qori Gaming company, which presents a very new and current premise, which tells the life experience of the MC from his teenage years, where he falls in love and lives adventures with another student.On the other hand, together with the MC we will meet his very peculiar family, consisting of both parents, two younger sisters and his little daughter.On the other hand, together with the MC we will meet his very peculiar neighborhood.As for the dynamics of the game, the decisions you make will give you the opportunity to see different scenes and live more explicit experiences.Finally, this first version of the game tries to give an introductory visualization of the game.

Hard To Love [v0.03] [APK]


Hard to love is Qori Gaming's first digital game that features a very new and relevant premise that tells the MC's life experience from his teenage years as he falls in love and has adventures with another student. On the other hand, together with the MC, we will get to know his very peculiar family, consisting of both parents, two younger sisters and his little daughter.

Hard Love v0.03 Full by MMV-DeepBride, Hard Love is a game about A boy with strange kinks is transported to another world, where his fantasies come true. Everything is fine and dandy until he begins to explore further this new world he is in, he discovers the bad that comes with this world.

If this story about his wife leaving because them having a hard time or just irresponsible, well shit i dont know what to say because this is only alpha version but i hope that their mother/wife leaving entirely on different reason and hopefully they will get back in the end of this VN. If not then i dont know what will happen to my heart

I avoided this game for quite a long time thinking it was not something I'd enjoy - ohhh man was I wrong. This game had me laughing, crying, crying from laughing... I really love the concept and all the mysteries that still aren't solved, which makes me even more exciting for upcoming updates. The art, the music, the dialogues; everything is perfect in my opinion.Just wanted to thank you for creating this, I just came for the fap but the story is too good it just distracts me lol.

I liked the dreams and making me mortified of a children's song, that scared the shit out of me so thank you for that. My misses said she loved how you used the full song, no one ever does that any more.

I tried a second play through where I didn't go to the quiz (it still forced me to) and where I tried to lose the quiz so I could increase my standing with the girls who didn't play yet hoping I could get the hardware at a later point. (Again it didn't let me). Although it's in early access so maybe that might change final release I'm not sure.

I'll keep this short, I'm not a visual novel person, never even played one before any of your games, nor do I leave reviews. But, your game is just so fucking awesome I have to. It's amazing to see your improvement from Once In A Lifetime to Eternum (even though that game was already awesome). I hope you never stop making games, it's truly impressive and I love your work.

Hi!I absolutely love this game! (looking forward to play 0.6!!!)I have a question about the game development. If I'm not mistaken, this was asked and answered before, but it seems like I can't go back and find it again. do you mind telling me what engine you used for the characters/scenes?I know there are a bunch of engines to create the needed assets for adult visual novels, I just can't find any names again...would appreciate any information

Oh actually found the name. it seems you used HoneySelect 2would love to hear your suggestions tho.Keep up the amazing work! I fall in love with the universe you created in this game, best story ever!

This is a fantastic game! I love how you combined the harem genre with superheroes, providing an action system even those like me, who are not great with reflexes and bad at shooters, can have an amazing time. I actually looked forward to combat and I like how it means something instead of just a fight fest. That counter really helps. The relationships are also, although if I had a criticism it is the Lisha one felt forced. However, that was very, very small in light of all the options you provided. I also love how the no femdom option didn't remove a relationship with the teacher (which was fantastic!) I look forward to supporting your work next month on Patreon. Thank you for such an amazing experience.

ended up here after playing the 2 reboots and enjoyed them ( even if the 2 is WIP).....i wanted to ask is there a way to donate some but not on patreon ? would love to help out when i can but i cant use the 2 paying methods, dont own them .

Honestly loving the absolute banger out of this game! Went the free 0.2.5 test first, loved it so much I couldn't wait for 0.3.0 to be released for free so money route we went, and it was money well spent! Loving all the story building and moments in the game a whole bunch, love the characters meant to be loved and despise the ones that are meant to be put in the trash can (Figuratively, each character feels properly written for what they are meant to portray personality-wise.) Massively excited for the next update and NEED IT!!

Just made an account to say this, i faced this game countless times yet ignored until today when i read the summary i loved it just by reading it. A guy who want to become a hero but can't for some reasons, and when he get chances there's a possibility that he can be a antihero. What can i say i love this type of stories where the good guy becomes a bad person i will download it just for this reason (btw from the pictures i saw your art style is pretty wonderful too ) keep up the good work ?

I just wanted to say I like your name, Rebootlove, and it makes me wish you were making a time traveler game with an MC who can go back and do things differently, so the back button and skip button would actually be superpowers worked into the story. :)

So, first of all I wanna say that I love this game most among all games of this kind. Also excuse me for my french :) My version is 0.50.0 for Windows.The main problem is that I can't go to the town (to the bar) during the quest "A night to remember" from Jewel. I've completed all the previous quests and now I'm in a mansion in Wilderness. All passes to the town are blocked, the game won't let me go through the "abandoned house", and there is no fast travel (or it doesn't work). What should I do? Please help SOS

Great game, glad to see activity as well. Some weird issues with gameplay that I think points to some design issues. Hopefully they are agenda for tightening up.Some examples are being able to get into guard uniform during day, but people still just know its you when you talk to them.Inventory system only really for Main Character, would love to see this more expanded for all of your party members.Being locked into the badge anytime you go to the hotel. If an event removes the badge then you are good to take it on and off again but once you walk into the hotel it will complain about not wanting to take it off. (This might be a pure only issue).UI elements overlapping important areas. (I might play with my resolution some to see if that affects it.) In general the Inventory UI is difficult to look at because the popup info window covers so much. Also in the Dancing the Greats cover up the buttons for the next move.It would be cool if there was experience or gear progression for both Pure and Perverted styles. As it is right now most of the outfits all give the same benefits.Another idea for fleshing out the Pure playthrough would be getting into situations where people push for sex but you get out of it with combat.I am still working my way through the game maybe half way I think. it is brilliant and probably one of the closest games to having a sexy final fantasy style game. Storyline and loops and characters feel really well developed. Just the combat progressing and RPG elements are lacking in the development.

Hoping there will be voices in the girls :) even only in just love scenes :P and hoping there will be manual control in love scenes hahaha and can you make the fishing more easier its hard , its very bottom of my screen i need to remove my case for me to fish easier haha, just suggesting though, btw thank you for your hardwork nice story keep it up top 1 Hgame :D

This is incredibly sad, you build such a great community, but you can't keep your promises. I love the game you built, in the beginning, yes I only had one thought on my mind, however after playing your game, I was thrown into your story. You have great story telling, and that is why it makes me sad to talk negatively on your Page like this. Your last post on was on Halloween of 2022. The last time you updated about the roadmap on your discord was Nov. 3, 2021. Your last announcement on discord was Dec. 15, 2022. And lastly, your tweets are all over the place, it's hard to get any information if the game is still being worked on. You keep saying, check all these ares for more information. I have been a follower of your game since 2020. Please do better, stop being lazy (I am happy you are aware of it), and please make some content for the fans that been supporting you. Now to the community, ALL NEW PLAYERS, play the game, it's a 10/10, you will fall in love with the story. However, do not put any money into the game because I think for us as a Community we must stop giving them money, so they become aware we are seeing a lack of developing. We can only support so much, do not take advantage of us. We love the game, we love the hard work, but we see problems and either give us an actual update about the game or release a new update. Likewise, we NEED something.REVIEW OF GAME: 041b061a72

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